Just Me


Richard Zepeda Jr. is a senior at St. Mary’s University and works for the company Bill Miller Bar-B-Q. He has been there for almost five years since he started at the age of seventeen. When he started, he didn’t know that he would be there for so long, but he’s glad that he stayed so long because he learned and gained a lot of life lessons and experience while being there. Richard is a hard worker  and knows how to get the job done. He takes instructions well, and does various tasks at his job such as occasionally running the store when the manager is busy, or making sure all food is prepped and ready in a timely manner.

Richard Zepeda Jr. is twenty-two years old now, and is getting ready to finish his last year in college. He hopes to be able to finish school soon, and find a career where he can do something that he loves, and find joy in. He hopes to further his experience and learning in order to gain the knowledge needed to succeed in the business word, and in life in general.

Richard enjoys things such as music, poetry, reading, and even writing. He enjoys writing his own type of poetry on occasion and even writing short stories of his when he is able to. He is always on the look out for something new to hear or read. He listens to a lot of hip-hop and types of rock, and enjoys good mysteries, thrillers, and suspense when reading.

Richard also enjoys hanging with friends and going to see different movies or eating at restaurants like Red Robin, or Sonic. He enjoys searching and researching for things that he finds interesting.